Black Ops 2 II - Weapons List

Here you will find all the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer weapons for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC versions. Unlike in previous Call of Duty games, the new Create-A-Class system allows you to choose your weapon loadout as you please - you can also opt-out and only use a combat knife, which gives you more room for perks and equipment.

Each primary weapon in BO2 can carry 2 attachments, but the limit can be increased to 3 with a Wildcard. Secondary weapons can only carry 1 attachment, but like with primary weapons, the amount can be increased with a Wildcard. You can carry one Lethal and Tactical equipment, but there's a slot for an extra. Most of the weapons in black ops 3 can be equipped with additional attachments with BO3 Wildcards.

Each gun in the game has its own level and gains experience when it's used - guns can also gain individual Prestige levels. You'll need to gain experience with each gun to unlock new attachments, sight reticles, and camouflages. If you decide to Prestige, the guns won't reset and you'll be able to continue where you left off after you've unlocked them again.

Secondary BO2 Weapons