New Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Details

New Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Details 1

With only a little over a month left before Black Ops 2 hits the stores, a lot of new information about BO2's multiplayer has been posted by various members of the gaming press. Here's a nice recap of everything that's been revealed:


  • Challenges are used to unlocking "cosmetic content", like emblems and weapon camouflages.
  • Every weapon can be customized.
  • All the weapons in the game have golden camouflages, but they require the player to complete difficult Challenges.
  • Apart from the standard reticles, there are special reticles unlocked via Challenges.
    1. For example, "The Steve" is a curly mustache reticle.
  • Emblem Editor is back:
    1. Supports 32 layers.
    2. Full RGB color picker.
    3. More than 150 shapes available for you to customize.
    4. More than 150 backgrounds.
    5. Transparency is supported.


  • Designed to be "fun", with not too much grinding involved.
  • 55 ranks with 10 Prestige levels.
  • Weapon experience and unlocks are not reset after Prestige.
    1. Same applies to Challenges.
  • Prestiging earns you a Prestige Token, like in MW3, that can be used to permanently unlock any weapon/item you want.
  • While Prestiging you also get to choose one of the following options:
    1. Extra Custom Class Slot - gives one extra Custom Class Slot, with a maximum of 5 available.
    2. Stats Reset - resets everything.
    3. Refund - refunds all your unlock tokens.
  • Reaching Prestige Level 10 unlocks everything in the game.
  • Check out the new Prestige Emblems below:
Black Ops 2 Prestige Emblems

Game Modes

  • New Multi-Team mode:
    1. 3 teams with 4 players per team or 4 teams with 3 players per team - 3x4 or 4x3.
    2. Teams fight against each other like in MW3 Face-Off maps.
    3. The following modes are available:
      1. Hardpoint - works like the typical "King of the Hill" mode.
      2. Kill Confirmed
      3. Team Deathmatch
  • Party Games replace "Wager Matches" - you won't be able to gamble since COD Points are removed, but you'll gain experience points. The following modes are back:
    1. Gun Game
    2. One in the Chamber
    3. Sharpshooter
    4. Sticks and Stones
  • Combat Training is back:
    1. Introduces players to the multiplayer by putting them against humans and AI bots.
    2. There are 3 modes available:
      1. Boot Camp - Team Deathmatch with the ability to gain experience and rank up to level 10. Mixed teams of AIs and humans.
      2. Bot Stomp - Human team vs. AI team. No experience is earned.
      3. Objective - Objective-based game modes. Mixed teams of AIs and humans. Allows you to rank up beyond level 10, but you only gain half the experience.
  • Custom Games
    1. Every game mode can be customized.
    2. Players have the ability to change any aspect of the game.
    3. The Create-A-Class Pick 10 system can be modified to allow players to choose from 3 to 17 items.
    4. Weapons and Equipment can be restricted. Don't want Claymores in your matches? Disable them.
    5. Scoring mechanics can be modified.
    6. AI bots can be used to replace other players.
New Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Details 2


Check out these new gameplay videos by IGN: