GT.TV: New Black Ops 2 Campaign, Multiplayer, And Zombies Information

The latest GT.TV episode revealed new exclusive information and gameplay footage from Black Ops 2's singleplayer campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies mode.

A new singleplayer mission called "Monsoon" was quickly shown and it was also revealed that an equivalent of Create-A-Class will be available in singleplayer; this means players are able to customize their loadout before they take on a mission. Certain missions will have "challenges" that can only be completed with a specific weapon loadout - completing these challenges unlock new weapons for you to use during the singleplayer campaign.

BO2's Zombies mode will be including the ever so popular Theater Mode that allows you to record your zombie hunting sessions. Treyarch has also included support for 3D, which was missing from last year's MW3.

Check out the GT.TV episode below:

The next episode of "Behind The Design: Black Ops II" Bonus Round is also now available: