Revolution DLC

Revolution DLC

Black Ops 2's first DLC, Revolution, was released on 29th of January for Xbox 360 and a month later for PS3 / PC. Revolution is priced at 1200 MS Points / $15.

The DLC includes four all-new multiplayer maps and a new Zombie game mode + map. There is also a new bonus multiplayer weapon called the Peacekeeper, which is a powerful SMG.

  • Hydro: Pakistani hydroelectric dam facility with mid to long range combat with treacherous spillways and chokepoints.
  • Grind: Skate Park located in Venice Beach, California. Mixture of long and close-quarters combat. This is one of the smallest maps in the game.
  • Downhill: Set in the snowy French Alps with slopes and a ski lodge.
  • Mirage: Luxury resort situated in the Gobi Desert that's ravaged by a sandstorm.
  • Die Rise: Overcome a zombie infestation inside two crumbling skyscrapers.

The following 10 new achievements / trophies are also included in the DLC:

  • Facing the Dragon
  • High Maintenance
  • I See Live People
  • I'm My Own Best Friend
  • Mad Without Power
  • Monkey See, Monkey Doom
  • Polyarmory
  • Shafted
  • Slippery When Undead
  • Vertigoner