Black Ops 2 PC - Max FOV 80, FPS 200

Black Ops 2 PC - Max FOV 80, FPS 200

Last year's Battlefield 3 PC allowed players to change their FOV (field of view) from 60 to 90, and with the proper tools, bypass the limit and go beyond it. With that in mind, you would expect that Black Ops 2 PC would do the same, but Treyarch's Director of Technology, Cesar Stastny, also known as pcdev, revealed on Twitter that the game will be limited in several ways due to technical reasons.

pcdev: "And don't ask me to raise the FOV cap. Max is 80. Thankyouverymuch. > 80 breaks too much stuff so we had to cap it."

Although the max FOV will be 80, it's still better than the default value of 65 what Modern Warfare 3 had last year. Going from 65 to 90 FOV can make a huge difference, checkout the example below:

Modern Warfare 3 FOV 65 to 90

Black Ops II PC was also supposedly going to have no FPS (frames per second) limit, but that has changed to 200 FPS, at least for ranked matches since it "prevents uber rigs from dominating dedicated server cycles".

pcdev: "Correction: Yesterday I said that FPS would be capped at 120 for ranked matches. The cap will actually be 200 FPS for ranked matches."

Even with the removal of dedicated servers, and everything above, it seems that BO2 for the PC is still miles ahead of MW3's PC release. Obviously these FOV and FPS changes are not available to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.